I’m Randall Bruder (he/him), a participatory graphic designer and developer who is doing that thing designers do when they’re not looking for work—replacing their outdated portfolio website with a few explanatory paragraphs of text, set in a trendy webfont.1

I currently work at Good Done Daily (2014–), a design studio with a focus on strengthening organizations that improve the world around us. I am also adjunct teaching at College for Creative Studies (2022–), my alma mater.

Additionally, I’m one of the founding members of the designer collaborative Goodbye, Office.2 I also collaborate with a friend on projects under the name Bruder Thomas Studio.3 I’ve put together an elaborate digital scavenger hunt,4 I produce the publication Media Mail, and collect other random code projects here.

I can be reached by If you’re opening a coffee shop in Detroit and need branding and design, I’d love to work in trade for free coffee.